Ultimate cures for boredom

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Time and time again, I find myself with nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to see, completely and utterly bored—not to mention broke. Just because another semester of time-consuming classes has begun doesn’t mean these precious years should fade with us stuck in a rut of nothing to do.


I have found the ultimate cure for boredom, and it‘s completely free. Utah is filled with many special and enjoyable things to do whether you are single or married, young or old, whether you have no kids or you have grandchildren. There is something for everyone in Utah. Here are a few ideas for any bored Utah Valley resident looking for fun.


California Snowball

Quite a few Utahns dislike the upcoming winter season, probably a result of the frigid snowfall each year. However, this is one snowball fight you will love even if the only reason is that there is no snow involved.


Think of dodge ball combined with the messiness of getting hit with snow. This is a California Snowball Fight. Simply take a pair of old nylons and cut them into sections, making sure to tie off one end. Fill the nylon with flour and then tie off the other end. The rules for the game are exactly the same as dodge ball only you aren’t playing with balls. Watch as the flour grenades you throw trail white powder and stain your opponent upon contact.



Have you ever dreamed of scavenging the world for treasure? Welcome to Geocaching, an entertaining scavenger hunt using a GPS. All around the world, scavengers seek out hidden items using coordinates given on official Geocaching websites. There is only one main rule: If you take anything, you have to leave something in return for the next foragers that come along.

Hike remote trails 

Throughout Provo Canyon, hikes litter the mountains at Stewart Falls, Provo Peak and Bridal Veil Falls, among others. Other various trails lie hidden off of the main roads with their own amazing routes to travel. Recently, I hiked up the South Fork Equestrian trailhead at the end of South Fork Road in Provo Canyon. This hike is primarily used by horseback riders, meaning that finding other hikers is rather rare. The moderately hard trails lead you to beautiful landscapes filled with vibrantly colored leaves and wide valleys.


go Camping 

Look in any direction—what do you see surrounding Utah Valley? Mountains. If you haven’t spent time camping and exploring them, you should do it now. Take your friends or family to Maple Canyon for some camping and rock climbing, or go up to the Uintah Mountains and spend the day walking through Fairy Forest and playing in Provo River Falls. The only cost is the gas money to get into the


hit the Hot Pots

Natural hot springs spread across the valley awaiting swimmers. Take a trip to Inlet Hot Springs in Saratoga Springs or visit the Fifth Water Hot Spring in Spanish Fork. Hot pots dot our state from St. George to Salt Lake City. No matter where you are, you can be sure there’s a hot pot nearby.

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  1. Great article Kim, I love taking my twin boys up in the mountains, they’re only two, but already they’ve been camping with me twice.

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