Aug. 29

Backpack Neglect

A student reported their wallet being stolen in the Pope Science building. The student left their backpack in the elevator unattended and later discovered a wallet was missing. There were no suspects.

Email Nuisance

Two UVU employees reported that over the course of six weeks, 120 emails were sent from a student that did not meet the teacher’s standards to be part of a vocal major program. These emails were said to be harassment to the employees.

Aug. 30

Professor vs. Student Showdown

An officer responded to the Health Professions building after reports of a student and a professor having an argument. The professor nor the student would allow the other to speak. The officer stood by as the conversation eventually resolved peacefully.

Sept. 3

Driving Drunkard

A running car was found outside the Autism Center with a person inside who appeared to be intoxicated. Nothing more was reported.

Sept. 5

Who Let The Dog Out

An officer responded to the Sorensen Center courtyard due to a stray dog running around the lawn. The officer took control of the dog and was able to give the dog back to the owner who arrived shortly after. No citation was issued to the owner.

Who Left The Dog In

A dog was reported to be in a truck that was left in an unspecified campus parking lot. The officer arrived and found the dog in good condition with the windows rolled down.

Busted Signs

While patrolling, an officer noticed two traffic signs had been broken by what appeared to be a truck or trailer. No footage of the damaged signs was found.

Groping Victim

An officer responded to a woman wanting to report that she had been groped. Details were documented and the officer provided victim advocate information and instructed her to report this to the Title IX office first thing in the morning.

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