Allyce Jones

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What is your major? Concentration?
Secondary Education, Health

What has been your most memorable moment at UVU?
Finding my husband Ryan “Pepe” Jones who played on the baseball team here and beating #15 Utah in 2009

Biggest achievement?
2010 Female Athlete Wolverine Achievement Awards

What are your plans following graduation?
Teaching Health Education and coaching volleyball at a High School and eventually starting a family.

What will you miss about UVU?
I will miss seeing my coaches, teammates, and classmates every day.

Any words of wisdom?
Don’t waste a second of the time you have being on a team at UVU.  You will never be able to get any of the moments you have playing back.  Times get tough with practices, games and school, but once its gone, its gone.  You will never have the thrill of beating #15 Utah on your home court, or playing USC or Oregon, or simply hanging out with your teammates every day.  Take the special time you have being part of the great athletic program at UVU to work hard in every practice and get to know each one of your wonderful teammates and coaches.  After your done, you won’t have the chance to play USC again, but you will take the friendships that you have built for the rest of your life.

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