7 moments to relive from the UVUSA debate

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The Pre-Game









Phil Varney, on why he would be a good representative for multicultural students: 

“Specifically going to the international and multicultural students, I can say that I have been highly dedicated, not just this year, but throughout my whole life, to understanding the celebration and the love of ethnic diversity. I’m an international business major because of certain times in my life that I was surrounded by many different people of many different backgrounds, religions, cultures, customs, and they have inspired me to be better, and to want some of those… No matter what happens with elections, this is a part of my life that is going to be strong.”


Cristobal Villegas called Phil Varney out for being great. 

I definitely think so as well. Phil Varney is an amazing person. For Diversity Dialogues, I was one of the first people to initiate it. It started last year, in the fall, with only three people attending. Nowadays, we have about 30-35 people attending. Once again, Phil is an amazing person”


Phil Varney called Jake Larson out for being great. 

“We develop friendships while we are on council, so it seems like we know each other pretty well, because we do. I promise you, we are not exclusive. Anyone – anyone, is open and able to apply. Jakell is coming in as a freshmen this year. She has done so many amazing things this year and broken so many records. I promise you, we will follow by Rise’s example by choosing a good and inclusive council.”


Jake Larson called Cristobal Villegas out for being great. 

One of my favorite people to talk to is on the other team. Cristobal, I love talking to Cristobal. We were both poli-sci majors and so getting into political thought and ideologies is great. He definitely knows how to look at a big demographic of students and understand what students are not being represented, which is a really great thing about Cristobal and the entire team. I don’t know all of them, personally, but from what I have seen from their team, they are very good at representing the students, knowing what students are underrepresented, and making sure the students have light shone on them, in a good way.


Teresa Larson teared up, thinking of a student she helped. 

“Very good answer. This means a lot to me. This week, I had worked with a boy, named Ryan, who was struggling some financial hardship and had to drop out of school. He was unable to read sufficiently to pass his CDL, his commercial drivers license test. I worked with him and worked with him and worked with him so that he could read so that he could pass it. Last Friday, he passed. That was more important to me than the science test that I had to take the very same day. This is a very important subject to me. I’m very passionate about it.”


Tyler Brklacich throwing a tough question at the teams. 

“What has the other team done well, and why should they win?”


“You’re welcome, ya’ll. You’re welcome.”

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