Advent Horizon takes first place at the Battle of the Bands fundraiser

In a highlight of the valley’s local talent, UVU Battle of the Band’s fundraising concert featured 13 bands on Tuesday, November 27. Taking first place in the competition was the band Advent Horizon.

Also narrowed down from a total online submission of 26 bands were the second and third place winners: The Anchorage with second place and Prince of Whales with third.

The fundraising event also awarded Bombshell Academy with honorable mention and best vocals to Disforia.

Although audience response played a role in selecting first place, according to one of the judge’s, Mike Wisland, based on their “radio ready” quality, the judges’ “all independently came to the conclusion that Advent Horizon should win this contest.”

Other judges included Cori Fox, Dane Spensor, as well as special celebrity guest judge Alex Boye, who opened the event singing “Peponi” and African rendition of the popular Coldplay song “Paradise.”

Battle of the Bands avoided an “embarrassing ten-minute downtime,” Wisland said, between sets, with DJ’s and a MC. The event “always had something going on.”

Despite a comment that the Audio and Cinematography Club could have “carved a few bands to make it a shorter event,” Wisland praised students for their efforts in achieving a professional event.

“This was not a class project,” Wisland said. “These students did a knock-out phenomenal job with no outside encouragement.”

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