‘Tis the season for bundling

Living in Utah, a good, warm coat is an absolute necessity for the winter season, but finding a cute coat that won’t cramp your style proves to be a challenge at times. There are a few things to consider when you’re looking at purchasing a winter coat.


1. Figure out what your body shape is. Doing so allows you to choose the style of coat accordingly.


Curvy? Go for single-breasted coats with a slim fit that are hip length or longer.


Pear-shaped? Try double-breasted coats emphasizing from the waist up with room throughout the hip and cinch at the waist.


Petite? Then a peacoat with sharp tailoring and texture is the way to go.


Plus size? Choose an A-line dark colored coat with interesting details on the pockets or the collar.


2. Make sure it buttons/zips: If you’re busty or have broad shoulders, it is extremely important that when you put on your coat you can button or zip it all the way up without the zipper or all of the buttons tugging at each other.


3. Check the arm length: When you’re standing with your arms by your sides, does your sleeve hit the first knuckle of your thumb? If not, the sleeves may not be long enough.


4. Right fit: Can you hug yourself with your coat? Or do you look like the little boy in BIG with a grown man’s jacket on? Try it on with your bulkiest outfit to make sure you’re not stuck tugging and pulling on your coat.


5. Length: When buying your coat, or assessing if your current one fits well, look at the overall length. You don’t want your coat to make you look stocky or awkward, and where your coat hits can really be the deciding factor in whether or not your coat is flattering.


6. Test it out: Sit in it while you’re trying it on.  Does it do anything funny while you’re sitting, walking or moving around in general? It has to look good no matter what you’re doing.


Personally, I like to find coats with interesting colors or patterns that no else has, making them unique. However, keep in mind that if you plan on wearing your coat next season, you may want to make sure it’s a classic style that won’t go out style for years to come. My favorite classic? A peacoat. It always looks good.


Let’s face it, you’re going to be living in your winter coat from November to early March, or longer, so you have to love it and look good in it.  Otherwise, winter will not be a flattering season for you.


By Vanessa Perkins – News Editor

Photos by Connor Allen and Gilbert Cisneros

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