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June 2020

Identifying Intramurals

Ashley Jewell and the rest of the UVU intramural staff are dedicated to seeing that students can stay active and have a good time doing so with all of the activities that are planned for this upcoming school year.
The big sports that draw the most participants are flag football and basketball, but there are many other sports for students to get involved in as well. There will be soccer, volleyball, dodge-ball, golf, laser tag, and wallyball. Wallyball is volleyball played in a racquetball court where the ball is still in play after it hits the walls. Ultimate Frisbee may also be available in the upcoming year but the intramural department is unsure of its status at this time. With all of these sports available, the department is confident they can fulfill the sport drive in every student.
Some students may fear that they are not skilled enough to participate in intramural sports, but that should not be an issue.
“I’m not the best basketball player, but every year I join an intramural team with my friends.” Student Devyn Gibby said. “It’s just fun to be out there getting some exercise and sports is a fun way to do it.”
Another option that is offered for students is an open gym night or a free play to enjoy pick-up games that are just for fun.
The intramural department isn’t only hosting games to play however. Many students enjoy intramurals Sports Night.
This is where a nationally televised sports game is shown while students can enjoy free pizza and other food. Admission to this event is also free. Sports Night is located at Center Stage near the food court in the Student Center.
One feature recently started by Jewell is the department’s Facebook page. Students can get info on sports or see pictures from past intramural sporting events. Students who have participated may even be able to find themselves in some of the photographs. To locate, search UVU intramurals on Facebook or go to
According to Jewell, Intramural sports are a great way to get friends together and have fun. For those who participated in athletics in high school it is a great way to stay in the game.
The prices for intramurals range from five dollars to ten dollars for students and 25 dollars for non-students for each league, or each sport that you choose to participate in. Signups for a sport are done online at, where you can register either as a team, or as a single player who will be assigned to a team. For further questions, the intramural office is located at SC 108, near the bookstore.


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