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Low-maintenance Valentine’s Day

You may have planned to go to the ever-so elegant (not) Olive Garden with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, but as the Mayans would have it, the holiday falls on a Sunday. Your plans are dashed because your love will be oh-so disappointed if you decide to break the Sabbath just to schmooze over each other (and let’s be honest, most everything worth doing in the Valley is closed Sunday). What are you to do? How are you to proceed? Luckily, UVU Review has planned some full-proof alternatives, so you and your lovely can maintain that burning fire while also staying in the ghost town that Utah County becomes on Sundays.

Restaurants are out. Dessert in is IN.

Making dinner might be TOO obvious, so how about something for your SWEETie? (Pun totally intended.) Make some cupcakes with candy hearts on the top that say, “Kiss Me” or “UR A QT.” If cupcakes aren’t your thing, you can do something more extravagant, such as impressing your special someone with crème brulee or chocolate dipped strawberries. But trust us, something homemade is going to be much more appreciated that purchasing something from a bakery.

Slow dance in the dark.

Remember why middle school was so special? It was a combination of awkwardness and monthly dances. Why not turn the lights low and put on some of your favorite romantic tunes? Putting in a few classics such as “Lady in Red” or “Take My Breath Away” will make it fun and take away any tension if this is a new relationship. If you are further along in your romantic endeavors, try putting something sentimental in the mix, because isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

No video rentals!

OK, PowerPoint is kind of lame. But if used correctly, can be entirely AWESOME. Gather photos of you and your significant other and make a little slideshow. Put it to a funny song and see if you don’t get good reaction.

Pretend it isn’t 21 degrees outside.

Bundle up and go for a walk under the chilly night sky. Holding hands and being in the company of one another for a simple walk around town (or the apartment complex) can really be the capstone to a lovely evening.

Board games. Hell yes!

Being competitive is attractive — within reason, of course. Getting out the dusty Scrabble box or Monopoly can really be an enjoyable — not to mention cheap — way to have fun together. And if you and your partner are a little adventurous, you may even be able to spice up the rules and make things a little more interesting, if you catch my drift.

No matter your relationship status, married, longtime boyfriend/girlfriend or just beginning on this journey called L-O-V-E, make sure to enjoy your Valentine’s Day. Don’t make it a high-pressure holiday with unattainable expectations. Keep it cool and you’ll be more likely to share more of them together.


Jennie Nicholls-Smith

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