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July 2020

Greg’s French Cuisine

Perhaps you didn’t have the chance to travel throughout Europe, and more particularly France, during your spring break. Which means you might not have had the opportunity to taste France’s delectable food. But you do still have the opportunity to try them here at our school.

After 7 p.m. on April 8 and 9, it will be France at Greg’s Restaurant. Greg’s is conveniently located in the Event Center, making tasting superlative French food more accessible than ever.

France is known for it’s romantic appeal, and after eating at Greg’s you are sure to fall in love — with the food, that is.

Greg’s is operated by the culinary students at UVU, which gives them valuable experience in their field. They do all their cooking under the direction and supervision of their Chef instructors.

And in order to give students greater experience the Culinary Arts faculty encourages each patron at a table to order different items from the menu. This not only gives the culinary students the chance to make every dish on the menu and improve their skills, but it allows you and your group the opportunity to share and try each mouthwatering dish.

“These are our advanced students and this restaurant class is the last one they will have before going out in the field. During the semester they do several competitions and create menus,” said Cody Thatcher, a culinary instructor. “They get the most practical experience in the program with the restaurant. They rotate positions throughout the semester, and they have a different set of responsibilities for each position.”

For only twenty dollars you can experience the flavorful recipes from France, made by Utah Valley’s own up-and-coming culinary artists.

The menu features  items from hors d’ oeuvres like “Fricassee d’ escargots au coulis de persil,” which is French snails in roasted garlic, red wine and a parsley butter sauce, to entrees like “Les filets de bonne unique femme,” or tender fillets of dover sole stuffed with mushrooms.

“Our chef creates the actual menu, and the students add their own flair, and learn how to cook it and plate it,” Thatcher said.

Greg’s has been highlighting a different country almost every week and producing fantastic menus showcasing each country’s cuisine. Their next country to be featured is Italy on April 22 and 23.

Don’t miss your chance to experience fine French cuisine here in Utah Valley. You can view the French menu, as well as upcoming menus at This unique opportunity is by reservation only, and they are booking up fast, so call 801-863-7054 today to make sure you have a spot at the table.


Andrea Lindgren

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