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June 2020

Chadder’s: Healthy(ier) burgers hit Provo

Chadder’s, a fast-food fixture in American Fork for the past two years, has expanded a second location to Provo, and is bringing in droves of new customers.

Chadder’s boasts food made with the highest-quality ingredients. There is no risk of being served a hamburger made from beef-like substances, the makings of which are unknown even the suppliers. Instead, they are made from low fat meats, such as the delicious chuck cut. The meat is served on fresh buns baked with unbleached flour, a bonus for sensitive stomachs.

The menu contains hamburgers, cheeseburgers, beef on leaf for those on low carb diets, veggiebuns, kids meals and a variety of drinks. The shakes are yummy and sized to complete the meal, not stuff you to the point of discomfort.

The potatoes are fresh cut and fried in cottonseed oil – a very health conscious choice with no trans-fat. The condiments include a “secret” sweet relish dressing which completes what may be one of the best available burger-tasting experiences.

Big wide screen TVs, WiFi and an internet power station provide extra bonuses in addition to Chadder’s healthier burgers and great prices.

The Chadder’s franchise ensures consistent value and food quality at all of their restaurants. You can enter any location with ease and expect high quality and appropriate serving sizes. Chadder’s is definitely the place to meet your friends have a great meal, watch TV or work on a computer project. The staff is cordial and friendly. Chadder’s has class, health and cleanliness written all over it, in both concept and execution.


Eva Herrey

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