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July 2020

Beauty is international

Clothes, shoes and accessories are often used as much to increase physical appeal and beauty as to serve any pragmatic purpose. The International Modeling Club at UVU is proud to give international students the opportunity to use traditional dress and adornments to display the beauty of their countries and cultures.

“This is the first international modeling club at UVU and now we have international students from all over the world in the club,” said club president Nilufar Sherzod of Tajikistan.

The International Modeling club started in June of 2009 with the help of the International Affairs and Diplomacy Department at UVU.

Since the formation of the club, members have had the opportunity to achieve their goals in many respects.

“I have had the opportunity to not only model here at UVU, but also for agencies and famous designers like Krista Nielson and Nkoyo Iyamba in Utah and outside Utah,” said Sherzod “I presently model for McCarty Talent Agency and have gotten the ‘American model’ status.”

With little or no experience, anyone can join the club as long as they are confident in themselves, have natural talent and the desire to exhibit their culture via fashion. The club has accumulated over 25 models and everyone is required to eat healthy, go to the gym often and practice walking and posing techniques for the runway.

“Beside learning how to walk on the runway and be a good model, you learn about other peoples’ culture[s]. It is a good and entertaining club which gives you the opportunity to show your personality at the same time,” said Florida Anastasi,  a Dental Hygiene sophomore from Albania.

Models also have the opportunity to meet famous designers, have free photo shoots and gain firsthand experience in the field which prepares them for the real world of modeling.

“I joined the club because I was a model in Peru and love modeling. The club has given  me many modeling opportunities,” said Claudia Housewright, a Nursing freshman from Peru. “I now have signed contracts with Wellemina Agency and Rock and Fashion Show in Salt Lake City. I really enjoy the club.”

In the future, the International Modeling Club is planning to have makeup classes, where women will be taught how to apply cosmetics. They are also planning to teach hair, photography, dance and manicure/pedicure classes. The club believes there is beauty in every individual, each of whom has the ability to enhance their naturally attractive features through fashion.

Furthermore, the club is planning to work with designer Chinyere, who operates Chinyere International Agency in New York. Chinyere is a full-service talent agency representing models of all ethnic backgrounds and throughout different parts of the world.

They are currently recruiting fresh faces of all ethnicities to work at their New York base and within the international market.

If you meet the criteria please send photos and measurements to [email protected] or call Nilufar Sherzod  at 801-687-8979 for more information.


Gloria Kajo

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