The power of networking

During the networking in action event at the Alumni House, students had the opportunity to learn valuable skills to help them in searching for and gaining future employment. Shane Maryott/UVU Review

Within the intimate setting of the Alumni and Visitor Center, graduates and current students enjoyed dinner on Wednesday while learning how to create new relationships in order to build and strengthen their personal networks.

Career Employment Counselor Sue Stephenson spoke on the importance of networking and what it can do for a person’s career. She also gave tips on how to correctly conduct formal and informal job searches and what potential employers look for in candidates. The main focus of Stephenson’s presentation, however, was the advantage that comes with creating networks.

“It’s about building relationships,” said Stephenson. “That turns the whole paradigm around; it’s not so stressful.”

She says when the focus shifts from worrying about making a good impression to making a friend, natural benefits ensue.

Anna Culp, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English, was job searching when she discovered that coming to alumni meetings is a great way to create networks and practice meeting new people.

“I don’t think it’s ever too soon to start creating networks,” said Culp. “Having a degree shows that you can finish an academic test, but having a network is what is going to get you a career.”

Joining the Alumni Association, whether as a member or as part of the leadership organization, provides strong benefits when trying to create networks. Alumni Relations has set goals to promote student success, including building loyalty, connecting students with alumni, creating professional leaders, educating and encouraging students to contribute to the campus community.

Parker Donat was once an eager student who just wanted to give back to UVU. Now he is president of the Student Alumni Association.

“There are a lot of things students can do to change UVU’s campus,” Donat said. “UVU is creating so many great new programs. The alumni organization is here to help build the experience of the student.”

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