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May 2020

Safety Week to be held on campus

The Behavioral Science Club will be sponsoring an upcoming Safety Week to raise awareness of safe dating and to fundraise money to help the former UVU student known as the “Provo River Survivor” who was brutally attacked last June.

“When we heard about our UVU student who was raped and left with owing more than $200,000 in medical bills, we decided to get behind the cause,” said Professor Ron Hammond, Ph.D., advisor to the Applied Behavioral Science Club.

The club started off making small efforts to raise money by placing jars around campus, but hopes that the weeklong events from Oct. 18-23 will make a much bigger impact and relieve some of the financial burden placed on the family of the victim, according to Kayla Beesley, ABSC co-president.

Two events will be free of charge, including self-defense training and a discussion panel on warning signs in dating. All proceeds will go toward the medical bills of the survivor.

Safety Week Events

Monday, Oct. 18: Centre Stage: 7 p.m. Laugh Off J with the “What’s So Funny? Improv Club” $3.00 with UVU or BYU ID ($4.00 without)
Tuesday, Oct. 19: PE 144: Rape Self-defense Seminar 1-2 p.m. FREE!  (National Surprise Celebrity will attend)
Wednesday, Oct. 20: Fundraiser 7-10 p.m. @ UVU women’s volleyball game buy a wristband, t-shirt and ice cream
Thursday, Oct. 21: Art Wall: Donation jar and information about safety 10-2 p.m.
Friday, Oct. 22: Discussion Panel on student safety and treating  women
with respect: Library 120 1-2 p.m. FREE!


Megan Hansen

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