Provo music venues draw locals in

Utah has provided many singers, dancers, and musicians or bands to the entertainment world—many of which performed in the streets of Provo before their careers took off.


The Used, Neon Trees and Joshua James are only a few of the bands that have played in the venues of Provo before finding their way into the hearts of many on the national level.


Throughout the week, clusters of young adults can be seen waiting in line at one of Provo’s downtown venues to see performances, getting fresh air between gigs, and loading or unloading music equipment.


With a variety of students in the valley from BYU and UVU, venues are open to all genres and instrumental experiences.


“Utah Valley is basically just a mass collective of music, which gives it an underground feel,” said Dane Startup, employee of ABG’s.


You can find Dane scheduling shows and pouring alcohol at the bar and music venue on Provo’s Center Street. For eight years Dane has played a part in the local music scene.


“I have seen a lot of talent here,” Dane said. “Inherently it’s a great underground scene. People come here for school, there is such a suppressed religious demographic…in fact the rest of Utah is much this same way. It‘s almost to the extreme you see in the movie Footloose. With so much pressure kids are eventually going to break out because of their need to express.”


Muse Music on University Avenue in Provo’s “100 Block” is a place you could comfortably take any member of the family. With a café in front and a stage in back, there is something for everyone. Muse books bands that perform in a wide variety of styles including indie, punk, metal and bluegrass, and allows musicians of all levels onto their stage.


“Starter bands and more experienced bands are welcome. There is a night for everyone to fit in,” said Cody Rigby, an employee of Muse Music.


The Velour sits two doors south of Muse Music. After paying at the door an elevated stage at the back of the room shows capacity for much larger events, holding a maximum of 300 audience members. Velour has housed the acts of nationally recognized bands like Neon Trees, Fictionist and Joshua James.



ABG’s Bar
$5+ cover charge
190 w. Center Street, Provo


Muse Music Cafe
$5 cover charge
151 n. University Avenue, Provo


Velour Live Music Gallery
135 n. University Avenue, Provo

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