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July 2020

Police blotter

Police blotter

Robby Poffenberger | Assistant News Editor | @robby_poff

Substance abuse
Oct. 18-An officer responded to the parking lot of an apartment complex near campus after reports of underage drinking. Upon arrival, several young people were found to have been drinking and smoking marijuana. The guilty parties were cited.

Bathroom solicitation
Oct. 19-A custodian met with an officer to show him two men’s bathroom stalls where someone had written an advertisement for gay sex, accompanied by contact information. Photos were impossible to take, due to the writing being done with dark ink on black paint.

Disorderly man
Oct. 20-An officer responded to a report of a disorderly man walking the hallways, swearing. The officer was unable to locate the man.

Stolen mask
Oct. 20-An officer, on foot patrol, was stopped by a woman claiming that a special mask had been stolen from a display for a domestic violence program.

Chest pain
Oct. 21-The UVU Emergency Response Team office and a dispatch officer tended to a student complaining about chest pain. When paramedics arrived, they questioned the student and determined that transport was not needed.

Found vehicle
Oct. 21-An officer was dispatched on a report of a stolen vehicle. By the time he arrived, the vehicle had been found.

Broken vending machine
Oct. 21-A woman broke the glass of a vending machine in the LA Building hallway. The responding officer made contact with the woman and with vending supervisors, then filed a report.

Faculty lock-in
Oct. 22-An officer responded to the LA Building after a faculty member locked herself in her office. It was found that the faculty member did so because her spouse had come onto campus and was causing a disturbance. The suspect was contacted and later arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Intoxicated rider
Oct. 22-An officer was dispatched to the UTA stop near the roundabout where a man, found to be severely intoxicated, was asking for a place to stay. The individual was transported to a place where he was allegedly staying.

Unattended dog
Oct. 23-Dispatch responded to a concerned student who spotted a dog sitting unattended in a car on campus. The officer checked the dog and did not find it to be distressed, so took no further action.

Oct. 23-An officer was dispatched to a hit-and-run report in the L4 parking lot. He met with a witness who said he saw it happen. Information was gathered and the suspect was contacted. The suspect’s car was then towed due to revoked registration and insurance information was exchanged.

Robby Poffenberger

Robby Poffenberger

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