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July 2020

Planning the perfect party

Planning the perfect party

December is a month filled with numerous holidays and extravaganzas. Throwing themed parties during this time of merriment and mayhem is a great way to recover from the constant pressure of impending finals. The challenge, however, is figuring out how to make a party stand out from the duds.

The intention of this article is not to supply ideas, but to inspire them. These suggestions will allow for the creation of a gathering unrivaled by others piteously attempting to recreate its greatness. It does, of course, depend on the desired outcome and intended impression.

Step number one is to identify all aspects of the guest list. Whose personalities will enhance the ambience and what is the ideal turnout? Are most of those who will be invited already acquainted? If not, how will you minimize awkward encounters? The guest list can make or break the environment of a party.

Step number two is to accommodate all those involved by selecting a theme to satisfy everyone’s expectations. This might be easier if the group is smaller with similar interests, but this can become quite a task when attempting to cater to a larger group of diverse people. Either way, develop something original and dynamic; leave no room for complaints. Have a playlist appropriate to your theme, but have alternatives to musical appreciation for those wallflowers who’d prefer to adorn themselves with santa beards made out of cotton balls. A variety of options will also diminish awkward encounters because those with similar interests will be group themselves together. The theme will determine both costume and activity, so make sure it’s refreshingly imaginative.

Both the proposed guests and theme will determine step number three, which is picking a location. Can you house everyone invited or will you need a larger venue? Would your theme be better served indoors or in a more natural setting? Do your guests have access to transportation or might you need to coordinate rides? What decorations would appropriately reflect the theme? Each of these questions needs to be carefully considered.

Determining the perfect day and time comprises step number four. When will people be out of town or too busy to attend? Might your party clash with another if a certain day is selected? Will the weather forecast play a decisive role in your choice? What time of day would best suit your event? The backdrop to the occasion should be of highest priority.

Lastly, step number five urges the host to carefully deliberate how to deal out invitations. Will the party be casual and intimate, so that word of mouth invitations would suffice? Or is a massive turnout for which flyers and online invitations should be circulated? Will it be strictly by invitation only, or are all welcome to attend? Being able to predict a general turnout will affect many aspects of the party.


Jessica Burnham

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