On the Edge of Whimsy at the Covey Center

Where have we been, why are we here and where are we going?
These are the dramatic and tantalizing questions aroused by the art showcase entitled “On the Edge of Whimsy” in The Covey Center of Arts by Chris Pratt and Jack Morford.

Pratt and Morford manifest their thoughts through a variety of mediums and styles.

Sitting on top of slender stands through the gallery hall are an assortment of scenes made of metal figurative sculptures and collages decorate the walls of the gallery.
With a touch of humor, a set of metal bird legs carrying a human playing with a marionette welcomes guests into the room. Atop another stand, a fairy rides an over-sized fish that somehow got into an under-sized bathtub.

“It is so great to have these two perspectives come together. They are both so cheerful and full of color,” said Deann Morin, gallery coordinator.

How Morford manipulated the metal into scenes reminds Morin of paintings done by James Christensen. Each is thoughtful and intense.

“He has put a lot of time and thought into them,” Morin said.

Directly across the room a picture of a gray TV with a protruding face of an old man with attached arms and legs frozen in an iconic disco pose and an early nineteenth century woman in a dress made of leafs are just a few descriptions that hardly do Pratt’s pieces any justice.

According to Morin people either really love or hate what Pratt produces.
Check out the exhibit to see where you stand.
The Covey Center of Arts on 425 w. Center St. Provo
10am-6pm Monday -Thursday and closed at 2pm on Fridays.
Goes through September 29

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