New name and continuing partnership

During a press conference on Aug. 30, President Holland announced the continuation and expansion of a long standing relationship with UCCU.

“We are entering into a 10 year agreement, in return for $250,000 a year from Utah Community Credit Union, in return for the naming of the events center,” said President Holland.

This University and UCCU have been involved with each other since 1970, and this new agreement is made with hopes to further the relationship between the two entities, but more importantly with hopes to help boost this University during a time of record growth and need.

According to Steve Mann, UCCU Vice Chair, this University plays a vital role in educating its member’s children and even their grandchildren. They felt it was time to show their appreciation for this University by providing it with much needed financial backing.

“We are pleased at this opportunity to deepen our relationship with UVU,” Mann said.

A portion of the funds provided by UCCU will go towards athletics, as the events center houses many sporting matches. However, the major part of the moneys received will go towards educational obligations, including scholarships and other critical initiatives, according to Holland.


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