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July 2020

Meet the Candidates: Club Representation with Inter-Club Presidential Elections

Meet the Candidates: Club Representation with Inter-Club Presidential Elections

Club representation is up in the air as four candidates are running for Inter-Club Council President, and a vote this weekend will determine the winner. From deciding what is done with club dues to where club rush is held, the new ICC president will be elected this weekend for the coming 2020-2021 school year.

“The ICC president is someone who leads this whole organization. So it’s really important that clubs get involved to know who they should vote for,” said Rachel Nordfelt, current ICC president. An opportunity to get to know the candidates better was facilitated through two live debates, which were streamed on Instagram live. 

The debate was held to help clubs better know the ICC candidates and familiarize the voters with their platforms. During the debate, club representatives were able to submit questions to the four candidates and received pamphlets with additional information, such as club experience. The candidates are Chelsea Reay, Katherine Davis, Mckenzie Butterfield, and Osvaldo Ramos, whose closing closing remarks from Wednesday are listed below.

“I gave a lot of thought into it like whether I was going to do this or not seeing how it can be very stressful, and you do have a lot — I mean this isn’t an easy job. Even being club ambassador can be stressful at times, but it’s fun and it’s an exciting thing to do. So I look forward, if I’m elected, to be able to take on that challenge and be able to work alongside you.” said Reay, a junior, majoring in family science.

Reay currently serves as a club ambassador.

“So I just really really love UVU like I mentioned earlier I’ve gotten all my younger siblings to  apply and come here, and that’s just because I think it’s a great place. I love how many opportunities there are for students to get involved, and I think that clubs are the place where people start,” said Davis, a senior majoring in history and social studies education. “My freshman year I really didn’t know the clubs were it and they were available to me so I didn’t get involved with them until later. And so I would really like to see clubs being a more prominent part of being an every-day student.”

Davis is currently the president of the History Club.  

“Coming here to Utah Valley University wasn’t my original path but it’s proven time and time again that it’s been the right place for me and that’s why I have chosen to get involved,  and I’m really grateful for clubs for providing those opportunities for me,” said Butterfield, a junior majoring in communications with a public relations minor. “If I’m elected ICC president I plan on implementing the changes that we’ve talked about today. I plan on listening to you because you all have a voice in these changes, and the things that we can do to make UVU clubs amazing…  I just think it’s a really great opportunity to do what we love.”

 Butterfield is the president of UVU’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America.

“The reason that I am running for ICC President is that clubs are a way for us to give back. I mean the main reason we’re in clubs is to serve others, like we’re doing all these activities, we’re learning about all these careers, we’re trying to become more than what we started off with. So clubs is the best place to do because you’re gaining experience, you’re volunteering and you’re showing commitment to your craft. And that’s what I want to do for you guys. It’s great. To serve you guys the best,” said Osvaldo Ramos, Master’s student majoring in Cybersecurity.”

Ramos is currently in the presidency of the ROTC on campus.

The debate ended with some light hearted questions ranging from favorite tree to why they chose to go to UVU.  Voting occurred from March 6 to March 8, with results being posted on Tuesday. Each club is encouraged to register and cast their vote in. Results will be posted the following week.


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