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May 2020

Long Island gastronomy treks west

Summertime just isn’t summertime without the aroma of freshly grilled hot dogs wafting through the air.

For Utah Valley residents, there are comparatively few options for fresh and flavorsome hot dogs. But Craig Gandolph, founder of Gandolfo’s deli and Rocco’s Dog House, is changing that.

Gandolph’s first business venture, Gandolfo’s deli, suddenly exploded into national acclaim and was recently rated one of the top five most rapidly expanding food franchises in America. With the unexpected success of his first business attempt, Gandolph has decided to turn over a new gastronomical leaf.

A native of Long-Island, Gandolph has always made hot dogs a staple of his diet. To him, like many others, they remind him of childhood. They are, in many ways, a nostalgic comfort food.

When a new business opportunity presented itself, in the form of a greasy hot dog trailer, it glistened in his eyes as an opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream.

The large, yellow hot dog trailer was converted into Rocco’s Dog House and it hit the street at the beginning of May. Business has been booming ever since.

Gandolph’s success stems from the quality of his food. At Rocco’s each customer chooses between a beef or polish dog, and they can then choose among a vast menu of selections, including the “Provo Bulldog” with bacon and onions, or the “Chicago Dog” with relish, peppers, tomatoes and celery salt.

Prices are reasonable too, ranging between $3.00 and $3.50.

Keep your eyes peeled for the yellow hot dog trailer rolling around town. Gandolph plans on capitalizing on the trailer’s mobility, paying visits to festivals, high schools, and college campuses.


Clark Goldsberry

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