Letter from the Editor: November 8, 2010

Hello my darlings,

As a media source, we at The V hear a lot about representing our demographic, meaning the student body at UVU, accurately and proportionately.

What this means in our case is that we are constantly pegged as a liberal rag that is overly critical of the predominant culture.
Granted, this is mostly true. But to the ones who disapprove of our content, I say come and represent yourselves or stop complaining.

For reasons that can be bickered about for hours with no satisfying resolution, mainstream writers don’t often stick with the UVU Review, and much less The V. By “mainstream,” of course, I mean the conservative demographic that comprises the majority of UVU students.

Consequently, we have become a point of attraction for the outliers, the counter-culture misfits who can’t or won’t fit in elsewhere.

Before this year’s election, I was ashamed of our tendency to over-represent the minority. But now I’m beginning to feel proud of it.

If you are a student at UVU, no matter your background, opinions or beliefs, we are your newspaper. You are as responsible for the content as I am.

So instead of complaining, or indulging in feeling underrepresented, take action and represent yourselves — we beg you. Vote, write, comment, argue, discuss. Make your voice heard, as we strive so hard to do.

—Mel Sundquist
Editor-in-chief, The V

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