Letter from the editor: December 6, 2010

Hello my darlings,

Sing praises. The semester is nearly over. Now we’ll finally get to use all that brain power we waste on general education to focus on the world around us.

In this issue we focus on the struggle between handmade local gifts and the assembly-line products of big business.

We at The V really do hope you’ll use this season’s gift-giving to support local ethical businesses, rather than shoveling more coal into the gaping mouth of corporate greed. If it is important to you to purchase only locally-made, handmade, upcycled, etc. gifts, you can make your goal legitimate (well, as legitimate as anything on the internet can be) by visiting www.buyhandmade.org and pledging to “buy handmade for yourself and your loved ones, and request that others do the same for you.”

We’ll see you next semester, dear readers — all four of you. The next issue of the UVU Review and The V will hit the stands on Jan. 10. I hope your holidays are filled with love, joy and activism.

—Mel Sundquist
Editor-in-chief of The V

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