Icicles on your bicycles?

Learn to keep up a self-propelled commute during winter

All things considered, it’s harder to live an environmentally friendly life during the winter, when the environment isn’t reciprocating your friendship.

Though finding local organic produce, using mass transit and cutting down your utility bills are only 40 percent more difficult according to this survey that I just made up, continuing to rely on self-propelled transportation can become close to impossible.

Especially in Utah, the cold, wind, snow, ice, early darkness, lack of bike trails, and spread-out landscape can send even the hardiest bikers to the warmth of their cars.

Luckily, this Tuesday John Higgins will teach a class at the Salt Lake City REI about winter bike commuting.

Higgins, an REI staff member and veteran cyclist, will give attendees advice about appropriate clothing, cycle accessories, route selection, planning and necessary skills to keep those tires spinning all year long. He will also discuss common misperceptions about winter bike commuting.

More info
When: Tuesday, 7-8:30 p.m.
Where: Salt Lake City REI, 3285 E. 3300 South
Admission: Free, but registration is strongly
recommended. Class size limited to 100.
Info: 801-486-2100, www.rei.com/expertadvice

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