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April 2020
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Final letter from the editor: Who’s ready for the holidays?

I can’t ever manage to get ready until Christmas is days away, and I never make a New Year’s Eve plan until the eve of New Year’s Eve.


I’m not a super shopper or a great gift giver. I always look back on the last couple months of the year and think about how next year, I’ll do better. I’ll fill the months with good things and lovely little moments. I just can’t seem to get the holidays quite right.


But this year, knowing full well that I didn’t have any time to spare trimming the tree, baking cookies and decking the halls properly, I streamlined (or settled) and did only the bare minimum. What I’m doing with my spurts of time throughout the month instead is talking to people about their lives. I’m really good at talking, not always great about listening, but that’s sort of my gift – or personal challenge – for the season. Its simple, but I think it’s obtainable which, at this point, is sort of what I need.


So what does your season need? Does it need garlands and tinsel? Pastries and sweets? Are you looking for a simpler season? I am requesting fewer things, and only those things that I need. I’m a little bummed, too, because I really like presents. But I think it will be good.


Finally, to you, my readers, I am giving you a special gift. I am handing over The V to Clark Goldsberry who is currently the assistant editor. I’ve so enjoyed being the editor this year, and I’m really happy with what we’ve accomplished.


Enjoy this year, and happy holidays.


Celeste Tholen Rosenlof

[email protected]



Celeste Rosenlof

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