Candidates discuss penalties, infractions and greivances

To err is human – especially in a complex endeavor like campaigning for office.


All three teams running in this year’s elections for student government have been accused of violating the campaign guidelines set by UVUSA. When a grievance is filed against a team, said team is required to meet with UVUSA’s Elections Committee to discuss the nature of the infraction and possible penalties.


Some of these infractions have been the result of miscommunication. “[Our] first infraction was due to a misunderstanding on our part,” said Chad Workman of Team Impact. “We did not turn in sensitive material to the Elections Committee before or upon the day it was due.”


Team Impact also received a small penalty for allegedly pre-campaigning.


Other infractions were due to interference with opposing campaigns.


“The UVU Review published articles about potential campaign rule violations by an opposing team, “said Aaron Samudio of Team Aspire. “We shared the articles with other students in the hallways. We would like to say that we didn’t slander anyone, but there was a team who felt that those articles would be damaging to their campaign.”


Team Aspire was docked 30 minutes from their allotted poster distribution time.


“Saturday is the only day that posters can be distributed around the school,” Samudio said. “In the campaign rules, distribution is permitted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but for our team, it will now be from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.”


Team Impact did not disclose the exact penalties they received.   “Whether the penalties fit the infractions, I do not know,”  Workman said.  “I have trust in the elections committee and hope they not only keep things fair, but true.”


Workman added that current Elections Committee Chair Joe Jurisic is “a joy to work with.”


Samudio felt that Team Aspire’s penalty reflected the nature of their infraction, which was, according his words, “very minimal.” Team Aspire worked the Elections Committee under the leadership of John McClure, who has since stepped down due to scheduling conflicts. “He is fair, honest and mature,” said Samudio.


David Millet of Team Exelerate declined to give comment on his campaign’s alleged infractions.


By John-Ross Boyce
Opinions Editor

1 thought on “Candidates discuss penalties, infractions and greivances

  1. I like team Aspire’s transparency on the subject. They didn’t hold back with allowing people know the infractions as well as their penalties. Handing out an article from the UVU Review should not be an infraction. Students can get that information in every news stand on campus.

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