Caught in the B.o.B and Derulo wave

Jake Buntjer / UVU Review

It was hip-hop night at the UCCU Event Center Tuesday, Oct. 12, with big names Jason Derulo and B.o.B in concert. They were also joined by Iyaz, and featured Auburn and Playboy Tre.

The concert began with feature singer Playboy Tre. Though he hadn’t been announced, and most of the audience was left wondering who he was, he jammed it up on stage. Afterwards, he shared in an interview that he is now in love with Utah girls and can’t wait to come back.

The crowd went crazy when Auburn took the floor and went all the way with her songs, dancing and talking to the audience about her writing process and growth as a performer. She began her career singing gospel music, but as is evident in her newer work, that has long since changed.

This was her first time in Utah and she loved the fans and sent a message to the students saying, “To get whatever success you are seeking to gain, I’d say to do whatever it is you are doing to your best ability; don’t do it half way, don’t procrastinate, you have to do it in order to get there.”

Iyaz was next, and brought the house down with “Replay,” his biggest hit. The crowd was up singing and dancing with him the whole time, and he had nothing but good things to say about UVU and Utah in general.

“I love Utah fans; they are hot! I want to come again. Will you have me again?” he asked. “I will definitely come back. You guys are awesome! The only thing we need right now is a dance club. Come on, let’s go dancing.”

Even after performing, his energy level was over the top.

B.o.B was nothing but smiles, kisses and hugs when interviewed, though he was undoubtedly exhausted from his busy schedule. The high-energy vibes he sent out created an emotional connection with his fans, something he is specifically looking to establish in all his shows.

On the flip side was Jason Derulo, who came out of his dressing room only to go on stage, with his manager denying UVU Review an interview. Manger refusal notwithstanding, Derulo granted an impromptu interview right before he went on stage, candidly and generously answering all questions.

He has become very popular in a short period of time, but he made it clear that the success has not stopped his singing, writing, working or producing.

Nor has the success dampened his appreciation for his fans. “I love Utah. I love Utah fans,” he said, adding. “My aspirations for the future are many, but one of the biggest is I want to be the biggest philanthropist and change the world.”

Overall, it was a very lively and enjoyable concert, with good performances by all. It was a great night for everyone — the audience enjoyed it as well as the artists. Jason Derulo loved the food, Iyaz and B.o.B loved Utah girls and the audience definitely loved it all. If you missed the concert, capture bits and pieces on our website

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