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July 2020

UVU students enjoy crepes and comedy

UVU students enjoy crepes and comedy

Comedian Johnathan Burns graced the stage of the Ragan Theater and entertained an audience filled with UVU date-night-goers April 4.

The comedian and contortionist was a big hit with the audience as he performed tricks such as juggling, balancing knives on his tongue and eating a lengthy balloon animal. All the while he would simultaneously give snide quips here and there, and celebrate himself for a job well done by grabbing confetti and glitter from his pocket and throwing into the air.

Haley Poach, a hospitality management major, said how she loved that he made a mess with everything he had with him on stage.

“I thought his sparkles and paper confetti was the best. It was really funny,” said Poach.

Poach also discussed how she had already been planning on attending the show with her date, who still didn’t know about the surprise, when they ran into Burns on campus as they were eating lunch.

“He came up to us during lunch while we were eating and he did a magic trick and it was really cool. Then he asked us ‘are you guys coming to the show tonight?’ and I was like ‘Yup, and now my date knows [it too],’” Poach said.

Another couple commented on the show as they ate their crepes following Burns’ performance.

“What didn’t I like about it? The comedian embodied everything that I really wanted to be,” said Riley Heflin, public health major. “He had the glitter in his pockets and that has inspired me. I feel like, everybody needs a little bit of glitter in their pockets.”

Jessica Berry, behavioral science major, admitted that, while they originally came mostly for the crepes, they were pleasantly surprised by Burns’ fantastic performance.

The “Hoops of Destiny” was a favorite of act of hers, which is a section of Burns’ show where he contorts himself to fit through various objects such as a toilet seat, tennis racket, picture frame and much more.

To finish off “Hoops of Destiny” the audience was treated to a shockingly hilarious performance of Burns slowly, and semi-naughtily, undressing himself and revealing himself to be wearing UVU shorts under his sweats.

“I like how he’s really unique. I haven’t seen a comedian like him. ‘The Hoops of Destiny’ is a must-see,” Berry said.


Camille Beecroft

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