Valley Life

Wii brings classics back

For all those Wii owners, it’s not hard to keep one’s game on when a plethora of old school games are readily available on the Virtual Console (provided one has the funds to buy Wii-points).It’s a blessing to be able to revisit all the games you remember playing as a kid, and have the opportunity to play those not-so-popular gems you might have missed out on.

Cool Beans

Why do dumb people always have to ruin something good?In most cases, you’d probably expect me to be referring to money-grubbing Hollywood destroying its originality with mediocre remakes, spin-offs, sequels and rips. But this time I’m talking about the average Joes.

Provo’s Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is usually associated with the traditional festival in Munich, Germany, which lasts for 16 days in late September and early October and is most widely known for the massive amounts of beer consumed during the festivities. But in Provo, the fest took on a whole new meaning at University Villa apartments on Saturday, Oct.

Heartwarming fiction speaks real-life truth

Since Lars and the Real Girl is the sweetest movie of the year, Dan in Real Life can safely be called the happiest, feel-good movie of 2007.Remember how the end of Little Miss Sunshine and Hitch brought feelings of self-consciousness, for fear of potential Amélies in the theater looking back at us to see our gleeful, smiling faces?Dan in Real Life has similar good vibrations.