Valley Life

Winter video game preview

It’s nearly December and game publishers are pulling out all the stops, releasing titles that have been in production over the year-and UVSC’s trusty college newspaper has complied a list of some of the more anticipated titles to help guide those shopping around for the ultimate gifts of game this holiday season.

Millions go to children’s benefit

The “Festival of Trees” is what Christmas is all about. The festival was inspired 37 years ago by 15 women whose purpose was to raise funds for the Primary Children’s Medical Center. Every item sold-from Christmas trees to freshly baked goods-all proceeds go to Primary Children’s Medical Center.

Mormons sexposed?

It’s one in the morning. You’re alone in your room surfing the web. You stumble upon a website showcasing attractive, clean-cut young men of the Mormon faith wearing the all-too-familiar uniform of white shirts, ties and black missionary name tags. There is an image of a map with red pins pointing out where each “elder” served and labored valiantly for two consecutive years. Messages of how the missionaries worked to promote Christian ideals and serve the poor and elderly flood the screen.