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Your Story Matters: Mental Health Benefit Concert

Collin Cooper | @coop.97 Saturday night, I got to attend the Mental Health benefit concert put on by Hope For Help in our own Grand Ballroom. The event started with an explanation of the movement, and an introduction of the idea that your story matters. They invited the group of students in attendance to stand and enjoy the show, and it was off to the races. The first group to take the stage was Springville Synthpop duo, Coral Bones. The group consisted of Chris Bennion, who took vocal duties, as well as some guitar and synth work, and Landon...

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This Will Destroy You at Urban Lounge

Reagan High | Staff Writer | @HighReagan On Friday March 27 I saw the Texas band, This Will Destroy You. TWDY can be given the blanket term of “post-rock,” but with their last two albums they have really transcended that label. Their 2011 album Tunnel Blanket can be described as a dark and daunting ‘doomgaze’ trip (doomgaze is a fusion of doom metal and shoe gaze if you were wondering). And their latest album, Another Language, is a more upbeat interpretation of that. So when I got to Urban Lounge in Salt Lake I spent about an hour on the...

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