Body image psychologist to visit UVSC

A local body image psychologist will be speaking about eating disorders at UVSC on Nov. 7.Nicole Hawkins, clinical director of Orem’s Center for Change, will be speaking on the media’s influence on body image and eating disorders at a workshop sponsored by the UVSC Student Health Services Wellness Program.

Spinning a new Web

As part of the transition to university status, the school Web site is undergoing a change from to"It’s a monumental task," said Ray Walker, UVSC’s chief information officer.The transition includes rebuilding many of the Web site’s pages and changing all references from Utah Valley State College, including logos and words.

Chinese manufacturing raises concern

The Chinese government is opening up the door for American companies to exploit their people. American companies manufacture their goods in China for the same reason we all can’t stop shopping at Wal-Mart: other businesses can’t compete.According to manufacturingnews.

The new role of women in business

In the CommunityWhen the first issue of Wasatch Woman Magazine showed up on her doorstep, the founding editor was elated. "I was so excited, it was like Christmas. I thought, ‘It will take off like crazy.’" Starting a business is always an undertaking, but is starting a business as a woman harder?  Barbara Vineyard is the founding editor for Wasatch Woman Magazine and has experienced the excitement and worries of owning her own company.

Calling all coats

With winter quickly approaching, the need for warm coats is growing. The Valley Project, a Christian leadership and service club at UVSC, has teamed up with the Volunteer and Service Learning Center for the Winter Warmth Drive. The coat drive will run during the first two weeks in November, starting Nov.

Provo Hospital welcomes new neurologist

Neurologists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating nervous system disorders. A new one just came to town.Michigan native Dr. Joanne Link joined the ranks of physicians at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo this month.She comes to UVRMC on the heels of the recent certification of their stroke program.

Expanding acceptance

For almost 10 years, UVSC has had a Gay Straight Alliance club, and almost all of the members have been gay or bisexual. Now is the time, said club President Austin Smith, for straight people who share a strong belief in human rights to join also.Smith, who has been president of the club since the spring semester, notes that in a conservative culture like the one in Utah County, people are sometimes content with not standing up for what they believe in.

Guatemalan first lady visits UVSC

The office of International Affairs hosted Wendy Widmann de Berger, wife of Guatemalan President Oscar Berger Perdomo, at UVSC on Nov. 1 as a guest speaker. This was her first visit to Utah. The day after her speech at UVSC, Berger received the Enterprise Mentor International’s First Annual International Service Award in Salt Lake City.