Suicide Prevention Week welcomes Elise West

Every year, a handful of students at UVU attempts suicide. Suicide Prevention Week will occur on our campus Sept. 22-26 to raise awareness of and to show support for people struggling with suicide-related issues.

As a part of Suicide Prevention Week, Elsie West will be performing on Wednesday, Sept.

Time capsule

A time capsule representing our school becoming a university this year has been prepared and will be placed in UVU’s new library. The time capsule, to be opened in 50 years, contains many objects that will give insight about us to those who open it. The time capsule was set up as part of Founder’s Day, a celebration of our school’s birthday.

Touchstones looking for submissions

Do you want to have your creative works recognized and published? Touchstones, a university journal of literature and art, is looking for student submissions. “Eleven years after the original Touchstones, we are excited to produce the first Touchstones literary journal as Utah Valley University,” said Loran Cook, editor-in-chief of Touchstones.

UVUSA adopts Geneva Road

A day of service and free breakfast began early last Saturday morning for the participants in UVUSA’s first Adopt-a-Highway service project. This year, UVUSA adopted a two-mile stretch of Geneva Road extending from mile marker four to mile marker six, which is located near Parkway Crossing Apartments in Orem.

Founder’s Day J-Dawg Feast

Were you one of the many students enjoying a delicious J-dawg amidst the Founder’s Day festivities? Well wipe your face and smile because chances are you’re being caught on the UVUreview candid camera.

UVU athletics taking over wetlands area

“Only one percent of Utah is wet,” states the Utah Wetlands Interpretive Network (UWIN) website. “It is an essential one percent that provides habitat for 80 percent of Utah’s wildlife sometime during their life.” Part of this one percent is located on the UVU campus.

News briefs

Campus Briefs: UVU receives $200,000 to promote democracy – UVU’s Center for the Study of Ethics was recently granted nearly $200,000 from the Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE) to begin the three-year Utah Democracy Project. The purpose for this venture, according to the grant’s proposal, is to cultivate political literacy and encourage political engagement through a variety of educational programs.

Feeling good vibrations

Are you looking for a career that has so much action you will go home exhausted five nights a week? Are you looking for a career that will put you in daily contact with hundreds of people; one that will allow your theatrical side to shine; one that will challenge you until you are 70 years old? But most of all, are you looking for a career that will change lives, including your own; one that will never let you rest until you satisfy your personal goals; one that will give you the greatest rewards possible? Yes? Then join the hundreds of Utah Valley University English graduates who are now teaching in America’s public secondary schools.

Panel discusses ethics in war

As part of Ethics Awareness week, a panel discussion titled “No One Calls Me a Hero” focused on ethics in war. The panel featured Kenn Reagle, a poet and Vietnam veteran. Wayne Hanowitz, a UVU philosophy professor with more than 20 years of military experience, and Lisa Beaudry, a UVU student and Marine Corps veteran, also participated in the panel.

The Truthiness Learnatorium

If Nate Bagley’s plan succeeds, Stephen Colbert, America’s favorite Republican conservative, may find a home on campus.

While spending time in the new library, Bagley, a communications student and longtime Colbert fan, noticed that the rooms need names.