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How to spot a cop and avoid a ticket

Reading Time: 2 minutes Traffic tickets are a multi-billion industry. Often, tickets have little to do with highway safety, but everything to do with money. Police officers are often given ticket quotas and rated based on whether they meet this quota. Also, traffic courts that are supposedly fair and unbiased rely on the funds that we pay in traffic tickets in order to function.

Popular folk artist Peter Breinholt to perform benefit

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Wasatch communities of Heber and Midway are the perfect place to embrace nature, do a little shopping and perhaps have a little romantic getaway a local hotel. But there is another reason to head up to the mountains: Peter Breinholt is performing a concert on June 29 to benefit the Wasatch Community Foundation.

The Bard is Back

Reading Time: 2 minutes The newly-founded Grassroots Shakespeare Company is a rare treasure of Utah Valley theater. Created and peopled by local college students, Grassroots uses the techniques that acting companies used in Shakespeare’s day to create plays that are “fast-paced, funny, intriguing, and simple,” according to grassrootsshakespeare.

UVU Artist in Residence premiers at Hale West Valley

Reading Time: 3 minutes David Tinney, prolific Utah Valley director/choreographer and the theater department’s Artist in Residence, made his directorial debut at the Hale Center Theatre in West Valley on June 13 with the classic musical, Hello, Dolly! Tinney’s resume is long and impressive.

Your live summer mixtape

Reading Time: 2 minutes For fans of local music, date night just got moved to Tuesdays. Each week for the rest of the summer, Utah’s finest singer-songwriters will gather at the Tahitian Noni Gardens to play the Hammer Hands LIVE Playlist Concert Series. The lineup is different every week, but will always include the talented and charismatic Shaun “Hammer Hands” Barrowes, the driving force behind the series.

SCERA presents Beauty and the Beast

Reading Time: 2 minutes Disney’s classic Beauty and the Beast, which was adapted into a live musical in 1994, opened last weekend at the SCERA Shell, beginning Utah Valley’s outdoor theater season. UVU’s own Emily Smith will star as Belle, returning to SCERA after playing another Disney princess – Cinderella – several years ago.

Honky and tonk are both here to stay

Reading Time: < 1 minute Give your ears a break from all of the lectures and professors this summer, and skedaddle on over to the Avalon on June 13 to see Ben Kweller live in concert. Not yet had the pleasure of hearing Kweller’s music? Download some songs from his new album, Changing Horses, and prepare to meet your new favorite summer artist.

Chadder’s: Healthy(ier) burgers hit Provo

Reading Time: < 1 minute Chadder’s, a fast-food fixture in American Fork for the past two years, has expanded a second location to Provo, and is bringing in droves of new customers. Chadder’s boasts food made with the highest-quality ingredients. There is no risk of being served a hamburger made from beef-like substances, the makings of which are unknown even the suppliers.

The week of love

Reading Time: < 1 minute Valentine’s day is coming up on Saturday, and until then students are sure to be bombarded from every avenue with hearts, naked babies with wings, chocolate, and flowers. For some, this week is an ethereal time, devoted to love. And you know we love love. For others, Valentine’s day is just a reminder that you’re alone, with happy couples shoving their collective joy in your forsaken face.

Say it with flowers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nothing says “I love you” or “I care about you” like a copious bouquet of flowers – especially around Valentine’s Day. If you decide to give flowers to a loved one this holiday, be sure to not be one of those last minute buyers waiting in line at the flower shop, scrambling to procure the leftovers.