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Chadder’s: Healthy(ier) burgers hit Provo

Reading Time: < 1 minute Chadder’s, a fast-food fixture in American Fork for the past two years, has expanded a second location to Provo, and is bringing in droves of new customers. Chadder’s boasts food made with the highest-quality ingredients. There is no risk of being served a hamburger made from beef-like substances, the makings of which are unknown even the suppliers.

The week of love

Reading Time: < 1 minute Valentine’s day is coming up on Saturday, and until then students are sure to be bombarded from every avenue with hearts, naked babies with wings, chocolate, and flowers. For some, this week is an ethereal time, devoted to love. And you know we love love. For others, Valentine’s day is just a reminder that you’re alone, with happy couples shoving their collective joy in your forsaken face.

Say it with flowers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nothing says “I love you” or “I care about you” like a copious bouquet of flowers – especially around Valentine’s Day. If you decide to give flowers to a loved one this holiday, be sure to not be one of those last minute buyers waiting in line at the flower shop, scrambling to procure the leftovers.

Embrace your inner killjoy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unrequited or otherwise, we victims of love are much maligned. For malcontents and those who prefer doing more than sitting at home complaining about being single, here are some ideas to find contentment on a day when lovers remind us that we don’t have it.

How to Transition

Reading Time: 2 minutes Relationships are tricky. There are ups and downs are expected and sometimes relationships move into different stages. Taking the plunge requires a transition period, as does the ending of a long-term relationship. Jennie Nicholls takes you through the process of change from being single to getting engaged and Dave Iba recounts the steps to reviving yourself in case your marriage turns sour.

Get pretty fast

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s probably happened to you before, after a long day at school and/or work, you get home to realize that you only have ten minutes to prepare for that big date. Panic sets in, logic takes a back seat, and you’re insecure for the rest of the night. Here’s how to get pretty for a date without the hysteria.

The Friend Crush

Reading Time: 2 minutes It is hard to imagine life without a good, dear friend. You feel jealous when they go on dates. You’re oversensitive because they are seeing a jerk. Your feelings grow into feelings of attraction. You start desire for something more than friendship. These describe when your relationship may have developed into a “friend crush.

Waiting for the right time to marry

Reading Time: 2 minutes Earlier this month, the U.S. Census Bureau informed us that the median age for women to marry is 26 and the median age for men is 28. The study also concluded that these median ages are on the rise. One of the main reasons for delayed marriage is a career.

Love Stinks

Reading Time: < 1 minute Imagine a Sunday stroll in the park. Two lovers blissfully gaze into each other’s eyes, seeing pools of infinite happiness and joy. The sound of church bells is heard off in the distance and song birds perch nearby serenading the young lovers. Suddenly a mudslide covers the entire park and pretty soon, even those little birds are trapped under two tons of sediment and debris.

Everything I Need to Know About Relationships I Learned From Video Games

Reading Time: 2 minutes 1. Mario and Princess Peach (The Super Mario Brothers Series) From this, arguably the very ?rst real couple in gaming history, I learned that relationships require dedication and endurance. Are there bottomless pits in your current relationship? Mario teaches that no bottomless pit is unjumpable.