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“Dumbledore put you up to this, didn’t he?”

“Harry Potter rocks!” shouted Draco Malfoy. No, this is not a line from the new Harry Potter movie – rather, it was Bill, a college student dressed as Harry’s rival. Surrounding him, witches and wizards of all ages mingled with muggles at a midnight release for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Summer Travel Tips: The Road Trip

Ah, the summer road trip. The essence of youthful spontaneity, adventure and insanity all rolled into one. While there are some tips here that might be considered no-brainers, they’re still rather important. And hopefully, with a few dozen road trips under my belt, I can offer some advice on things you may not have thought of.

Book review: Tao Te Ching

Ancient wisdom speaks to modern times through the dusty annals of long forgotten words of wisdom. Few, however, have been able to adequately bring back one of Asia’s timeless and most insightful classics: the Tao Te Ching (Dow Day Jay-ing, or Jing). A book wholly remarkable, since its first creation by Lao Tzu 2500 years ago, The Way And Its Virtue has been re-written perhaps more than any other book in history.

Theater reviews

Henry V This year, Henry V is the Festival’s standout production. The story is portrayed with a rare honest humility. The themes of conflict, leadership, and warfare are explored thoroughly and with an uncluttered sense of purpose. Henry V is the story of the English king’s invasion of France.

All the world’s a stage

Living in Utah and not visiting the Utah Shakespearean Festival is comparable to living here and never seeing Zion or the Great Salt Lake. The caliber of theater produced there is not only rare for Utah, but for most states. The Festival, now in its 48th season, produces six full-length plays and two pre-show acts which open in the summer, followed by three plays in the fall.

Pioneer Day–country style

Collin Raye and Restless Heart, two of Utah’s favorite visiting country acts, will share the stage together at the SCERA Shell Amphitheatre on July 24th. Their music has electrified audiences around the world for 25 years. Booth groups have earned their place in country music history with their countless hits.

Summer Travel Tips: Taking the Bus

I’ll admit I was warned. Still, I couldn’t beat the price, and I really needed to get to Fort Worth. So, I paid for round- trip tickets on a national bus line, the Greyhound. No amount of warning could have prepared me. Of course, if people had given me more advice and less “Well, (snort) have fun with that,” I think I would have been much better off.

Kelly Clarkson performs at UVUphoria

Former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson performs barefoot at UVUphoria on June 11, 2009. Her crowd-pleasing favorites were a hit that engaged the crowd, which included recently appointed UVU president Matthew Holland and family.