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Blue bins not green enough

UVUSA’s attempts to go green have been an important step to making UVU environmentally friendly, but have they taken the best step? We have new recycling bins and we have new biodegradable and recycled products being sold, but there are still obstacles we must face and so much more that we can and need to do when it comes to preserving the environment.

Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Scene

There’s recently been a sudden surge of my old high school friends coming home from missions trying to get used to being around other old friends who’ve “changed.” It’s still difficult for them to resist urges to shake hands and shove blue books into people’s hands, so they socialize more passively with “guy’s night out,” which is essentially when guys foreswear association with any relations to the fairer sex (be they casual girlfriends or wives of several years) to assert “maleness.

Adventures in guilty pleasures

Is there any shame in being a twenty-something college student who watches PBS children’s programming, and specifically “Curious George,” with some frequency? Sure, plenty. First off, it means that at 5 p.m., Mountain Standard Time, I’m doing nothing of any value whatsoever.

Fall fashion forecast

As fall begins and summer ends, it’s time to put away those shorts and tanks to make room for jeans and jackets. Fall this year is full of bold colors, unique textures and exciting trends. With a few simple adjustments, UVU ladies can get their wardrobes looking fresh for fall.


If you are reading this, you are using one of your most valuable skills. Literacy, the ability to use reading and writing in real life situations and in personal development, is critical to functioning in society. According to Dr. Sirpa Grierson, state coordinator for the Utah Council of the International Reading Association, “Literacy is power.

Top 10 reasons it’s awesome to be a Senior in a sea of Freshmen

10. You know Hollister clothing was cool in high school and frosted tips still look stupid.

9. Seniors have realized that you can call your teacher Bill and not Professor.

8. You know the location of every hot tub in Orem / Provo, closing times, how to get into the closed ones and you effectively hop all of them every night.

Take 6 takes the stage on Labor Day

It’s okay to admit it. A cappella is pretty damn cool. Take 6 is one of America’s most famous modern a cappella groups, incorporating jazz, R&B, soul, pop and gospel into their extensive repertoire. If that’s not enough guilty pleasure for you, consider that they’re basically a boy band. Imagine Boyz II Men without instruments and with a stronger Christian influence. Sold yet? Now you can see Take 6 live in the SCERA’s last outdoor concert of the season.

Tell me a story

From the “Once upon a time…” beginnings of childhood to the “… and that’s when she broke up with me,” endings that are all too familiar to college students, nothing engages the imagination like a good story. We can’t avoid them – stories are the basis for everything from movies to job applications. And Orem is home to the nation’s second largest storytelling event, the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.