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July 2020

Category: Featured

Campus safety

Campus safety issues have been on the minds of students across the county the past few months. One issue that is a main concern among UVSC students is feeling secure at night around campus.

Homestate renovation

UVSC students, along with dignitaries from across the state, were among the prestigious guests that attended the Utah state capitol rededication celebrations during the first week in January.

Protecting man’s best friend

Henry, along with owner Rhonda Kamper, visited UVSC’s campus to help promote animal cruelty awareness and to help get a petition signed to show support for Henry’s Law, also known as SB 102.

Presidential address

Last week’s devotional, given by Chad Lewis, was a moment for students and faculty alike to be given the opportunity to learn something new and enjoy listening to remarks. For those who missed this devotional, students are invited to attend the next, featuring UVSC President William A. Sederburg.

Police blotter

Jan. 1: ASSAULT IN PROGRESS-UVSC police responded to three fights during the New Year’s Eve party resulting in several citations being issued. Jan. 1: DUI-An ….

Give me your tired

UVSC’s automotive department is looking to improve its program and to give more experience to its student’s by looking for people who are willing to donate old, new, or used cars, which in turn is a great way to receive a tax write-off for donators.

Primary colors

A presidential election has commenced after this nation has arguably encountered more change during a presidential reign than any other in history.