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June 2020

Category: Arts & Culture

We Own the Night

If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve thought, ‘Sweet-another Departed type of movie." But in reality, they made a movie as lame and pointless as its ….

30 Days of Night

This vampire movie put an original twist on the genre by having created a non-stop, month-long, high body count attack on a small Alaskan town in the height of its sun-less winter season.Creatively, you’ll see the big screen vampires in new light (what a bad pun).

Gone Baby Gone

Both of the Affleck brothers have found their niche with Gone Baby Gone, Ben belongs behind the camera and Casey deserves the lead role.Ben Affleck reused his Academy Award winning adaptation skills by writing this touchy screenplay about more than just kidnapped children.

Michael Clayton

A good story can go a long way. Exhibit A: Michael Clayton. Often, filmmakers mistakenly assume that special effects can compensate for a poor story. ….

Into the Wild

Sean Penn takes another successful crack at writing and directing with this adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s non-fictional book. Into the Wild is a beautiful, aesthetic-filled ….

Ah, the places we will go

The theater department’s next production, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning playwright Eugene O’Neill’s Ah, Wilderness!, opens this week in the Ragan Theater.Director Professor John Graham describes Ah, Wilderness! – one of the only comedies written by mostly-serious O’Neill – as the way O’Neill wished his family could’ve been.