Nathan Jackson | @nathanj131

Sports Editor and Senior Staff Writer Senior at Utah Valley University majoring in applied communications.

Of stars and friends

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is so much nighttime light here at Camp Victory that stars are hard to see. A few somehow shined through the other night, though, dim pinpoints of flickering light. They seemed to wave at me like friends I hadn’t seen for years, bringing with them memories of deep star-filled skies from my first deployment.

Utah Shakespearean Festival

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Utah Shakespearean Festival is Cedar City’s biggest draw for tourists. The festival is internationally renowned, and produces some of the highest quality theater in the state. Actors from across the country come to the festival; large profits allow for high-quality design for each show. For student discounts on tickets, call 1-800-PLAYTIX. Here are reviews of each show this season, in order from most to least worthy of your time and money.