Justin Ritter

UVSC’s Central Asian connection

UVSC is home to a groundbreaking exchange of delegates, information and ideas between Utah and the Central Asian republics.Over the past eight years, the college has been the heart of what Dr. Alex Stecker said is an "unbelievable exchange" between Utah and countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkistan.

Body image psychologist to visit UVSC

A local body image psychologist will be speaking about eating disorders at UVSC on Nov. 7.Nicole Hawkins, clinical director of Orem’s Center for Change, will be speaking on the media’s influence on body image and eating disorders at a workshop sponsored by the UVSC Student Health Services Wellness Program.

Spinning a new Web

As part of the transition to university status, the school Web site is undergoing a change from www.uvsc.edu to www.uvu.edu."It’s a monumental task," said Ray Walker, UVSC’s chief information officer.The transition includes rebuilding many of the Web site’s pages and changing all references from Utah Valley State College, including logos and words.