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April 2020
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Author: Jennie Nicholls-Smith


TRL 1998-2008

Music fans across the nation probably stopped watching MTV post 2000 because “Hit Me Baby One More Time” didn’t carry the same amplitude as “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” not only on a sonogramic level, but also on a quality level. Some MTV generation fans left when Carson Daly did, and some may only remember the days of Spring Break specials in Ft.


I’m supposed to be ‘degraded’ Can’t you tell by my costume?

Halloween is the one night a year that individuals may become something or someone they are not just by dawning a costume. However, after perusing one of the latest costume advertisements, it seems Halloween has become all Hollow’s sluts. Out of approximately 30 women’s costumes featured in a Halloween store’s ad, 29 of them were scandalous, meaning promiscuous, scanty and excessively revealing.

Prepackaged costumes out; creativity in

It is easy to pick up some polyester nightmare of a costume at your local supermarket. But putting a little thought and creativity into your Halloween ensemble will transform your average holiday festivities. *Twist the classics: Classic Halloween staples, such as witches, pumpkins, vampires, skeletons, and black cats never go out of fashion.

Enrollment up over 12 percent

The Utah System of Higher Education released fall enrollment numbers of the nine stated funded colleges and universities in the state. State growth reached almost 12,000 new students in the higher education system. Utah Valley University is among the highest growth with nearly 3,000 more students enrolled than fall 2007.

The Truthiness Learnatorium

If Nate Bagley’s plan succeeds, Stephen Colbert, America’s favorite Republican conservative, may find a home on campus.

While spending time in the new library, Bagley, a communications student and longtime Colbert fan, noticed that the rooms need names.

He was here

Growing up, I listened to my father play Bob Dylan on his guitar; it became my lullaby, the soundtrack of my time with my ultimate hero: dad. The opportunity to see the legend himself fell into my lap, and I felt obliged to take it.


Obama-mania continues at DNC

UVU Review cordially invites readers to examine yet another article of Obama rhetoric. Sen. Barack Obama accepted his party’s nomination Aug. 28 — the final night of the Democratic National Convention.

It’s MY university

The arrival of another school year is beckoning newly named Utah Valley University with rising enrollment. Unprecedented numbers of new students will grace the halls, parking lots and classrooms during fall semester.


Go tell it on the mountain

If you don’t read Utah’s local newspapers or own a TV to catch coverage from the local broadcast stations, you may have somehow missed the coverage of the most controversial classified ad of the year. Two women in a committed relationship from the Cache Valley area sent in their marriage announcement to the local newspaper, The Herald Journal

Big break down

The dark, north end of the Liberal Arts Building hallway has been illuminated since the opening of the Digital Learning Center on June 30. Closed since construction began, the doors were sealed off that originally led to the LA parking lot, leaving less light and a dead end while building of the library ensued.