The Review

Independent Student Voice of UVU


July 2020

Author: Chad Hunt

The night belongs to Mae

As the night turned to early morning, Virginia natives, Mae, were still hanging around the Avalon Theater in Salt Lake City, mingling with fans who stuck around for a special acoustic set benefiting Habitat for Humanity.

The Starting Line starts new pursuits

As the crowd began to chant the final few lines of The Starting Line’s classic song, “The Best of Me,” the band left their instruments on stage and waved goodbye, serenaded by their own lyrics as they departed from the stage of In The Venue on March 29.

Q&A with Mae

Prefacing Mae’s visit to Salt Lake City on April 4 as part of their current national tour, the band’s drummer, Jacob Marshall, took some time to answer a lot of questions about the band and the tour. Here are some of the questions and answers from the interview:

Blame it on Delonge

Thousands of fans lined 200 South in Salt Lake City, braving cold night temperatures while waiting to get into In The Venue to see Angels & Airwaves, Tuesday, March 4.

Same rock blend in a new “color”

Fred Mascherino has turned his long-time side project from his days in Breaking Pangea dn Taking Back Sunday into his full-time gig. The Color Fred, aptly named for the rock star, isn’t your ordinary solo project and Fred called up The College Times to tell us all the details about his new band, the band’s new CD and his current tour with Angels and Airwaves.

Since when did the genre need defending?

For fans of the new double-disc opus from Say Anything, In Defense of Genre, the October release date could not come fast enough. Now the album is finally up for release and it’s time to take a look at whether all the fuss surrounding this defender of genres was actually deserved.

Super fan or super freak?

After Microsoft Zune super fan Steven Smith, better known as the Zune Guy to the online communities, received his third Zune-themed tattoo, the question that begged answering was What’s next?The answer came when Smith posted in the forums that he is now in the process of changing his name to "Microsoft Zune.

Provo’s Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is usually associated with the traditional festival in Munich, Germany, which lasts for 16 days in late September and early October and is most widely known for the massive amounts of beer consumed during the festivities. But in Provo, the fest took on a whole new meaning at University Villa apartments on Saturday, Oct.