Timpanogos Music Festival is exactly what Utah’s music scene needs

There are some who bemoan the lack of an exciting music scene in Utah, but after the Timpanogos Music Festival this year fellow listeners will be eating their words. If the festival carries on like this, we could be gearing up every summer for a long time to see what talent Utah has to offer next.

Last summer, The Utah Music Association started the Timpanogos Music Festival as a way to bring attention to the local talent the state has to offer. This year’s festival was bigger than anyone could have hoped for. The local support of local radio station Alt 101.9 helped the UMA grow the event to include more nationally known artists such as: Zella Day, Silversun Pickups, The Moth & the Flame, and Grizfolk. The UMA made sure to still incorporate plenty of local talent like: Haarlem, John Allred, Sego, Former Tides, and RKDN.

The move to Orem’s Brent Brown Ballpark in Orem was a smart course of action given the limited size of Mt. Timpanogos Park in Provo. Throughout the afternoon, when attendance was smaller, the vast park seemed to swallow up the crowd and give the appearance of a lackluster turnout. After the stadium seating filled up, the people without VIP tickets retreated to the shade to escape the sun. Even though the space at Timpanogos park proved to be less convenient in regards to enjoying the music, it did provide room for some non-musical offerings. The unlucky crowds enjoyed the food trucks, face painting, and merchandise tables instead.

The move to include bigger names in this year’s line-up was an inspired one. The local talent in Utah is plentiful, but strictly limiting performances to them may have eventually drained the pool of talent from which to pull.

Adding national artists gives the festival the potential to grow and evolve. Perhaps one day the Timpanogos Music Festival will become the next nationally known music event and will continue to give local artists the opportunity to network and connect with others in the business. It was a treat to see, personal favorite, Utah-based indie pop band “Sego” take the stage, followed later in the evening by a known alternative group like “Silversun Pickups.” The unique blend of hometown names and well-known bands could be just the thing that puts Utah and this festival on the radars of music lovers everywhere.

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