Keep calm and dance Bachata

UVU hosted one of the biggest Latin college parties in Utah called “Bachata Fest”. More than 2,000 people from different cultures and nationalities came to enjoy, dance, make new friends, compete and maybe even fall in love at the UCCU Center Friday, Sept.19.

Bachata Fest is under the management of Katty Perez, assistant director of Multicultural Student Services and is club advisor of Unidos Saldremos Adelante (USALO).

“The main purpose is to provide a space for the community in general. We validate and unify our Latin culture through dance. With the money raised through the sale of tickets, we give benefits to Latin students in general,” Perez said. “We have this event in September and March. During the event, the first hour we teach to (sic) dance, and in the middle of the event we have the famous competition for Bachateros of Heart.”

This year the competition was hard; two couples from various colleges around the state won. The winners were partners Joe Basket with Margaret George, and Ruben Pacheco with Dulce Cruz, who found love dancing Bachata a year ago and are now engaged. Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic and is influenced by Cuban Bolero, Merengue, Salsa and Cumbia. The sensual and sexy movements; are attractive to people who are fascinated by this.

“To me, Bachata Fest has become the most eagerly awaited event of the year, because I get to see many of my friends, dance with a lot of people, and enjoy in a safe environment” graphic design senior Jackie Herrera said. Daniel Arce, a dance attendee, mentioned how he loved bachata because of its romantic rhythm.

“I can express myself freely through the dance that’s why, I love bachata,” Arce said.

At the end of the event, many bachateros— people who love bachata — were satisfied with the amazing music, scenery, photo booth, and the new people they met. This is a safe environment with a lot happiness because bachata is not just a dance or music, it is a culture of romance. So be ready for the next Bachata Fest March 30, and prepare to fall in love.

Bachata Festival (UVU Review/Maricel Evangelista)
Bachata Festival (UVU Review/Maricel Evangelista)
Bachata Festival (UVU Review/Maricel Evangelista)
Bachata Festival (UVU Review/Maricel Evangelista)
Bachata Festival (UVU Review/Maricel Evangelista)

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