Meet the Ambassadors: UVU Club Ambassador Interview

About the Club Ambassadors:

Rachel Nordfelt, a Club Ambassador, began her journey years ago as a freshman majoring in Family Science. Attending the Family Science Club at UVU she was interviewed for the position of President in her first meeting. As newly inducted President, Nordfelt fell in love with the Inter Club Council  meetings. She ran for the position of President of the Club Ambassadors. Although she did not win the position, she was later invited to become a Club Ambassador. Nordfelt now gets to work with amazing clubs on a more personal level. Her dream job is to intern abroad, go to graduate school, become a certified therapist, write a book, and teach workshops all over the United States.

Kelsey Bingham, a Club Ambassador, first arrived at UVU one year ago as an intern for the National Society for Leadership and Success and a participant of UVU’s Chinese Club. Wanting to become more involved, Bingham heard about the opportunity of becoming a Club Ambassador. She applied, and was accepted for the position. She is currently studying Communications with an intercultural focus. Bingham has studied abroad in China, and her dream job is working with nonprofits or within the communications realm.

Video filmed and edited by Joshua Wirtz.

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