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The Divine Feminine: UVU conference explores LDS activism, female deity

It may seem difficult for a member of a faith that has been criticized for its patriarchal leadership structure and rhetoric about gender roles to believe such equality is possible. But, at a recent conference hosted by UVU, many members of the faith were willing to grapple with those contradictions.

Theatre students win recognition at festival in L.A.

Theater students and faculty came together at the Region VIII Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival to see each other’s work and share their own. They also participated in several scholarship competitions, showcasing performance as well as technical...

Authors bring the cosmic to Utah county

Approaching the registration desk at Life, the Universe & Everything is akin to entering another reality, one where creativity has been placed above all else. The rooms buzz with creative energy, the attendees walk through rooms filled with dragons, androids and...

Alex Caldiero | Slam Episode 1

New show, new episode! Tess Roundy interviews the different yet exciting  Sonosopher/Poet Alex Caldiero. We hope you like his poetry.Makes sure you subscribe for new shows/episodes coming...