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The Divine Feminine: UVU conference explores LDS activism, female deity

It may seem difficult for a member of a faith that has been criticized for its patriarchal leadership structure and rhetoric about gender roles to believe such equality is possible. But, at a recent conference hosted by UVU, many members of the faith were willing to grapple with those contradictions.

It’s Complicated: Better or just better dishwasher?

Dear Reagan, My wife never does the dishes. We tend to split up who makes dinner pretty evenly. With both of us in school and working, our schedules are very different during the day so we hardly ever eat breakfast and lunch together. Every night when I come home...

It’s Complicated: Reagan talks handholding

Dear Reagan, My girlfriend really hates holding my hand. She says they get too sweaty for her, but I really enjoy the closeness I get from holding her hand. Is there anything I can do about this or do I just have to be resigned to never getting what I want again?...