Hall monitor: April 11, 2011

Obama just announced he will be running for the 2012 election. As candidates enter the race, if the election were now who would you vote for and why?

Probably Mitt Romney because he’s shown he can do well with financial issues.
Jared Farish
Drafting, senior

Donald Trump because he knows how to run a business.
Zach Lundgreen
International Business, senior

I have absolutely no idea. I don’t follow politics at all.
Madison James
Elementary Education, freshman

I voted for Mitt Romney last time, and I’d vote for him again. He has a business background and that’s what we need right now. Plus he has leadership experience from the Olympics and as governor in a Democratic state, so I think he would bring equilibrium.
Rachel Asplund
Business/Ultrasound, junior

I’d vote for Obama. I’m Hispanic and we lean Democratic and I grew up with that mentality.
Aurora Palacio
Biology, senior

2 Responses to "Hall monitor: April 11, 2011"

  1. Rodney Ione   April 11, 2011 at 7:57 am

    Donald Trump’s companies have had multiple bankruptcies, and he is far better at self-promotion (as evidenced by his cheesy reality television show) than actually running a business.

    As for Mitt Romney: People in Utah are deluded if they believe that Romney has the SLIGHTEST chance winning the Republican nomination. The reality is that evangelical Christians, who make up a large, influential portion of the Republican party, will never, ever vote for a Mormon.

    I don’t think it is apparent to many people living in the Utah County bubble that mainstream Christians consider the LDS church a secretive cult.

    It would be much harder for an LDS person to be elected president than it was for John F. Kennedy to be elected the first Roman Catholic president – remember, something like 25% of the country was/is Catholic.

  2. John   April 21, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Deluded? I think you’re the one who is deluded; just because you don’t want Romney to be the republican nominee doesn’t mean that the rest of America thinks so too. The fact is, Romney is the only potential front runner in the republican party that can go up against Obama. Do some research and you will find out Romney is one of the only republican candidates that could stand a chance against Obama.

    Please do some research and think before you decide to spout off your own opinions as if they were truths.


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