Candidates running for UVU Student Association leadership positions for the 2017-2018 school year introduced themselves and their platforms in a small conference Feb. 8 in the Student Life and Wellness Center.

The positions they are running for include: student body president, executive vice president, vice president of academic senate and vice president of student activities.

Former vice president of activities Jake Larson, presidential intern for the chief of staff Rob Smith, and presidential intern for vice president of university relations Alex Trujillo, are running for the student body president position.

Candidates for vice president of academic senate are Logan Cottle, Chelsie Kraczek and Jaxon Olsen. Dustin Draper and Gage Marberger are running for vice president of activities. Tanner McQuivey is running for executive vice president.

Unity was a common theme of most of the candidates’ platforms. Their goals centered around increasing school pride while protecting and celebrating the diversity found at UVU.

“I am not a traditional student. I am a first generation student, I’m a part of the LGBTQ community and I’m very proud of it. I know there are many students here from diverse backgrounds,” said Olsen. “I’ve worked heavily with these students on the service council and I will make sure their voices are heard. No matter what their background, where they’re from, what religion, I plan on using the student voice programs we run to make their voices heard.”

Love and pride for UVU was expressed often by the candidates as a motivator in running for office.

“I’ve been involved ever since I began at UVU and I’ve loved every second of it. I really want all the students here to connect with the school in some way, whether it be through student government, clubs, anything like that. I really hope that I can connect and do everything possible to connect students with UVU so they can build the same pride and passion that I have for the school,” said McQuivey, who is running uncontested.

Involvement and service in various leadership roles and organizations have played an important part in preparing these students for office.

Kraczek served in numerous leadership positions in the LDS church and throughout her academic career.

Along with her passion for academics, she hopes to create a nonprofit that helps refugee children complete their educations.

“I work very hard to have success in whatever it is I’m working on. I’ve had many opportunities to serve in different countries and in our own community. It’s very important to me that students have the opportunity and knowledge of how they can complete their education. I’m very passionate about helping those who are struggling to find a voice,” said Kraczek.

“I think all the candidates really showed their passion for UVU and that they really do want to make it a better place. That’s their number one goal no matter what position they’re running for,” said Destyni Upton, a member of the Service Council. “I also think they each have different weaknesses they want to address. A lot of them talked about increasing student involvement, getting students involved on campus and really upping that UVU spirit along with helping students complete their education.”
Students can get involved and learn more about the candidates by attending the election debate at Centre Stage, March 1 at noon.