The Rotisserie, located on the first floor of the classroom building, brings a classy, sit-down Italian restaurant experience to any average day on campus. Serving an array of pizza kinds, The Rotisserie is famously known for it’s flatbread around campus. Many students have raved about the flatbread. According to Tiffany Park, a sophomore early childhood development major, all of the hype is correct. The flatbread is a thin breadstick cut like a pizza slice topped with seasoning. Going to the Rotisserie just for the flatbread after class would not be a bad idea.

The staff recommended a pizza called “the works”; a savory combo of meats and veggies.

“It was good,” said Park, “The pizza was flavorful and it wasn’t heavy. It didn’t make me feel like I was going to gain 10 pounds after eating it. It was light and tasty.”

Despite its appetizing food, the mood of the restaurant is a little off. The Rotisserie is a sit down restaurant. However, the atmosphere around the restaurant makes it difficult to accept the illusion that you are at a restaurant and not in a college campus. While trying to enjoy the delicious pizza, janitors roam by with their big garbage cans and the window cleaners are busy at work, while students are running past talking at varying degrees of volume.

“It just threw me off at the fact that it’s in a school building,” said Park.

The experience of a classy Italian restaurant gets a little dashed when students and faculty are hustling and bustling by. The Rotisserie is in the perfect place to go during the school day with friends to grab a bite to eat. It is not the type of place to bring a date.

Ben Darger, BYU Business junior, expressed his liking for the pizza and some ideas for the Rotisserie.

“The pizza was really tasty. It would be nice to them have pizza ready on the go, like a fast food restaurant,” said Darger, “That way students can come by and pick up pizza in-between class. Sometimes students and faculty don’t have time to wait for a pizza to be made.”

It is hard to believe the sit-down restaurant vibe when sitting in the classroom building. The atmosphere is a little off, but that does not take away from the quality of the customer service and the food.

“The service is good and nice. They are friendly and that helps make up for the awkward atmosphere of the location of The Rotisserie,” said Park.